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Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen NEVER skip arm day


Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen NEVER skip arm day

Real life BFF’s Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper are also real life gym buddies. Who would have guessed?

As regular gym goers, they understand the importance of never skipping a day, especially when that day is arm day. The two recently posed for a picture before, during or after a workout (we’re not sure) in which they made sure we could see their very defined triceps and biceps.

Are those guns legal?

Andy also recently showed off his thick thighs (and those arms again!) in another instagram post.

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Repping Erika Jayne at the gym this morning!

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Sidenote: Where can we cop that Erika Jayne shirt?

Here’s another video of the two in tight fitting tee’s.

There are those thighs again! Leg day is also very important it seems (thankfully).

And what of Anderson you ask? Well, as a very serious journalist he’s not always in a position to show us his goodies, but he did find time while washing elephants in Myanmar a few months back..

Philanthropic AND hot. What a killer combo.

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