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Boston’s straight pride parade flops, outnumbered by counter-protestors


Boston’s straight pride parade flops, outnumbered by counter-protestors

The ridiculous protest which masqueraded as a celebration of straight pride included chants such as “Trump built the wall.”

Yesterday (unfortunately) was the day that the Straight Pride Parade finally became a reality, and not just a threat we had looming over our heads like a dark storm cloud. Fortunately, the clown came back to bite; the attendees at the parade were heavily outnumbered by counter protestors.

“Grand Marshall” of the event, Milo Yiannopoulos (who you may remember being instrumental in the rise of the Alt-Right/Nazi/White Nationalism movement, obtained the permit for the parade back in June as part of the group called Super Happy Fun America (SHFA). The group has a disturbing amount of ties to white nationalist groups like

The Guardian reports that through the parade, SHFA was hoping they could make themselves known to the larger straight community. “Add the S to LGBTQ!” Yiannopoulos yelled to the crowd.

What’s confusing about this parade, which was supposed to be a celebration of straight pride (whatever that means?) is that many of the attendees marched holding signs that read, “Trump built the wall,” “Make America Great Again” and “Trump 2020,” which is a strikingly different message than the one given when we reported on this last month. Local news outlets were reporting tourists believed the parade to be an actual Trump rally, which tells you everything you need to know.

Counter protestors fought back by chanting, “Nazi scum!” and even “bottoms and tops, we all hate cops!” drowning out the sounds of the actual parade.

As the march approached City Hall, fights began breaking out. Buzzfeed reporter Ryan Broderick tweeted out a series of videos in which people began getting arrested. And while some 75 remaining marchers attempted to deliver speeches, it was clear that the event was over. Boston police confirmed that 36 people had been arrested.

h/t: PinkNews

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