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George Michael’s boyfriend says “F*ck You,” to critics after cause of death is revealed

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George Michael’s boyfriend says “F*ck You,” to critics after cause of death is revealed

After the official cause behind George Michael’s death was revealed, Fadi Fawaz has a lot to say for those who have questioned his relationship with the late singer. Though he has since deactivated his account, Fawaz wrote in a series of tweets:

“F*CK YOU…  The Truth is out…All the nasty comments, press and 999 were very cruel and unnecessary whatsoever, Now I hope to receive some real LOVE x.”

Michael’s official cause of death, according to the coroner a full three months after he passed away, was from Fatty liver disease. He suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver, causing his heart muscles to stretch to the point where pumping blood became very difficult, something that’s associated with too much alcohol, fat or sugar.

Photo credit: Rob Verhorst/Getty Images

Fawaz’s tweets were preceded by a previous cryptic post that read, “Anyone doubted my love to George will be apologising very soon. It’s a Fact.” He had been questioned by the police after an earlier report came back as “inconclusive,” according to the Irish IndependentIn addition to deactivating his twitter, he also set his instagram to private.

This isn’t the first time he’s deactivated his social media, however, and it probably won’t be the last based on his track record. In the past, Fawaz alluded to George Michael taking his own life after several failed attempts, although he maintained his account had been “hacked.”

“We loved each other very much and we were together almost 24 hours a day,” the tweet read. “And finally he managed… he tried numbers of time to kill himself many times… the only thing George wanted is to DIE.”

Maybe a social media hiatus isn’t a bad idea. After all, losing the one you love is never easy, and especially when they’re as beloved and renowned as George Michael was. Spending as little time in the spotlight or on the internet in the midst of this news cycle is probably for the best.

As a final send off, Adele performed a stripped down and emotional rendition of Michael’s song “Fast Love” at the Grammy’s last month, which she stopped mid-way to start over so she wouldn’t diminish his memory.

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