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Pietro Boselli chases some chicks around the beach (literally)

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Pietro Boselli chases some chicks around the beach (literally)

We’ve already discussed how great Pietro Boselli’s vacation seems to be going, and how great he’s been looking during it.

On the latest adventure of “What Is Pietro Up To?” the gorgeous engineer decided to chase some chicks around the beach. No, we’re not talking about women either. Literal chickens!

Pause for a minute from wondering “Why are there chickens on the beach?” to explore the possibility of just how funny that could be. Well, you don’t have to imagine, because there’s video footage! Aren’t you so lucky?

For whatever reason, the chickens decided to run away from Pietro, as if someone other than the World’s Hottest Math Teacher was chasing them. If that were us, we’d be running towards him, not away from him.

Could anyone else look so fine while chasing chickens? Guess that’s why humans and chickens are so different.

Watch the hilarious video below.

Where the chicks at 😂

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