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This Republican lawmaker thinks there’s a “distinction between homosexuals and human beings”

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This Republican lawmaker thinks there’s a “distinction between homosexuals and human beings”

Rick Brattin, a Republican lawmaker in the Missouri House of Representatives, believes that homosexuals aren’t human beings.

“When you look at the tenets of religion, of the Bible, of the Qu’ran, of other religions, there is a distinction between homosexuality and just being a human being,” he said during a debate over an amendment that would protect LGBTQ citizens from discrimination, arguing that adding this amendment would be infringing on religious liberty.

Missouri statehouse reporter Crystal Thomas tweeted out the entirety of Brattin’s speech, which does nothing more than expose him for a truly hateful bigot.

When pressed for comment by The Kansas City Star, Representative Brattin declined to explain why he felt the way he did, or why he made the comment at all. His colleague, Representative Greg Razer, did have something to say however:

But it would seem as if Brattin was not alone in feeling the way he did; the amendment was thrown out by the House shortly after. Instead, they passed Senate Bill 43 which actually makes it more difficult to sue for discrimination.

“The bill is another unnecessary blemish on the state. The legislation’s original sponsor owns a company facing a discrimination lawsuit, making the decision even more questionable,” the Kansis City Star wrote. ““[It] now sits on Gov. Eric Greitens’ desk. The governor has made clear his desire to bring new businesses and jobs to Missouri. Supporters say SB 43 is part of an effort to make the state more business-friendly.”

We wish we could say that statements such as these were shocking, but doing so would be a lie; the Republicans have made it incredibly clear how they feel about the LGBTQ community whether in comments or in their push for legislation such as Bill 43, which makes it more difficult to peacefully exist in this country as an LGBTQ citizen.

h/t: Pink News

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