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I took Studio Ready butt scrub on vacation and my boyfriend loved every minute


I took Studio Ready butt scrub on vacation and my boyfriend loved every minute

Are you at work? Because if you’re at work, maybe skip this one. I know there are some topics I tend not to blog about, not out of any sense of decorum, it’s just.. this is a travel magazine.

Studio Ready’s Hot Coffee Scrub doesn’t exactly relate to travel, but when a friend sent me this link– and holy shit do not click on this link if you are at work- I felt I had to share it with you.

Ok, let me stop dancing around this: the Hot Coffee Scrub I mentioned? It’s for your butt. It’s a special scrub you apply in the shower before your special someone (or scene partner, we’ll get to that in a sec) gives you a rim job.

Yes, a butt scrub for rim jobs. Yes, such a thing exists. Yes, its tagline—”sit on his face with confidence”—deserves a freaking Pulitzer. And, yes, I bought one.

I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Inspired by products used behind the scenes in adult films, (aptly named Studio Ready), it makes a lot of promises, including that it helps prevent ingrowns, bumps and razor burns, soften pubic hair, smooth skin and even help fade discoloration. The reviews are very detailed.

Is it just a coffee scrub? Not exactly. I’ll let the Studio Ready marketing team elaborate:

 “The aroma is a rich blend of dark chocolate and mocha with a soft vanilla and coffee accord complemented by oils of almond, grape seed and sunflower for an earthy velvety note.”

Studio Ready FAQ section delves even deeper, “Studio Ready is different because it complements the natural scent of your skin. You won’t taste exactly like coffee— that’s a common misconception. In fact, the coffee and ingredients in Studio Ready helps to reset olfactory glands in your nose so you can experience his most natural scent.”

Snazzy photos. I wonder what he’s thinking. Is this an invitation?

I did it. 

While my boyfriend snickered behind me and rolled his eyes as I perused the website (I really needed new rims) I waited for a sale, since it’s kind of expensive, and two days later it was on my doorstep.

Let’s just say that when my boyfriend and I took our new scrub to San Francisco, he wasn’t laughing anymore. Man, did it smell good.

So what happened?

Well, here goes.

We got room service for lunch because we didn’t leave the hotel room. I didn’t want to leave the hotel room. He didn’t want to leave.

We woke up that morning and I showered as directed, massaged all over my butt and dried off. It couldn’t be. It felt like new.

Does it taste like coffee?

It’s difficult to describe. According to Studio Ready, “coffee is used to neutralize odour, as well as tighten and illuminate the skin on your derrière.” They go on to promise, “a natural, musky, welcoming scent.”

And that’s mostly true.

It’s not your average coffee scrub that’s for sure. I’ve tried Frank’s and others and Studio Ready is something else.

If ass could taste any better, while still tasting like ass, Studio Ready figured it out. Musky, clean and indeed welcoming.

Did he like it?

I think my eyes rolled back behind my head more than once.

He didn’t stop. He wouldn’t stop. He went full on beast mode. I’ll spare you details but he would not let go of me and I was fine with that and as funny as it may sound, this scrub introduced a whole new level of intimacy between us.

I’ll go out on a limb and call this a relationship therapy tool. At least it was for us.

I get it now.

Really I do. As soon as you’re about to get intimate, there’s always that lingering question, “did I miss a spot?”

Sometimes, you want to get wild but you’re not sure.

Well, Studio Ready takes care of that.

I asked my followers on Twitter about Studio Ready and this guy from LA said he cancelled his Netflix to pay for his Studio Ready butt scrub subscription. Welcome to 2019.

I don’t know, I suppose I have to respect Studio Ready as business people. I mean, they saw a void and they filled it. A void in the market I mean, get your mind out of the gutter.

Top of gay Instagram

They’re definitely up to something. Their hero product has already garnered 45,000 followers, press in,,, and hundreds of steamy five stars reviews on Instagram (@studioready) – NSFW

I’m grateful my friend sent me that link. I owe him a drink. Or maybe five.

Check them out on Instagram


If you’re anything like me, you’re still wondering why you didn’t think of this first.

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