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The 10 best Hawaiian beaches to visit in the nude

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The 10 best Hawaiian beaches to visit in the nude

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world featuring many beautiful beaches. And for those looking to sunbathe, clothing is optional.

Did you know that soaking up the sun in the nude isn’t illegal on the beaches in Hawaii (so long as you’re not in a state park).

If not, you do now, which is great news for those tan lines. Even better is that many of the beaches in Hawaii aren’t located in state parks.

Here are some of the best choices for a potential last minute summer getaway to even out that tan.


Photo: Courtesy of Braden Jarvis

Also known as “the Garden Isle,” this is the oldest island in Hawaii. It also happens to be covered by a lot of beautiful forests with a lot of options for visitors.

  • Donkey Beach: Located on the east shore, this was once considered the best clothing is “optional” beaches, thanks to the seclusive location. Perfect for sunbathing.
  • Secret Beach: The name says it all; accessible by hiking through a trail at the end of a red dirt road, this is the choice for a lot of travelers. Nudity aside, it’s also known for it’s yellow sands and beautiful scenery. Bonus: Great place to snorkel!


Known for being the most densely populated of the Hawaiin islands and popular choice among tourists.

  • Polo Beach: Located in Mokuleia, on the North Shore, just West of Waialua, near Dillingham Air Field.
  • Kahuku Beach: If you’re looking to get away from all the other tourists and work on your tan, this is a great option. One word: seclusion. That said, swimmers may want to look elsewhere; the rocks at the bottom of the ocean and the limestone shelf aren’t conducive for working on your backstroke. And make sure you bring some sunscreen! Though it’s secluded, there isn’t much shade.


Those who are really looking to spend time with themselves or their travel partner(s) may get a kick out of this option; it’s the least visited of the main Hawaiin islands.

  • Papohaku Beach: Though not visited nearly as much as the other beaches, this appears to be something of a hidden gem. It features the world’s largest white sand beach, 100 yards wide. Partnered with the sparse population, this may just be the best destination for a nude sunbathing session free of any interruptions.


Attention nature lovers, this one’s for you. Waterfalls and forests galore, get your fill of adventure with the beautiful scenery.

  • Little Beach at Makena: Adjacent to its bigger sister beach, you won’t be able to access this one by car so you’ll have to park down the road and walk the rest of the way (though make sure your valuables aren’t in the car, thieves love to break in according to many travel sources). On the flip side, because of the secluded location, this is a perfect spot for nude sunbathing. So just plan on traveling lightly.
  • Red Sand Beach: Another difficult to reach beach, though featuring beautiful red sand and calm, clear water (perfect for snorkeling). Its tiny size is deceiving.

Big Island of Hawaii

Photo: Courtesy of Jakob Owens
  • Honokohau Beach: One of the beaches that form Kalolo-Honokohau National Historic Park, this is an especially attractive choice for those looking to buff up their Instagram feeds. There’s plenty of beautiful archaeological sites, like temples, trails and ancient rock carvings. Though many strip down during their visits, there are rangers patrolling the area so be wary.
  • Kehena Beach: Also known as Dolphin Beach, it was formed in 1955 when lava flowed down the sea cliffs and into the ocean. You can still see the tip of the lava flow from the eastern end of the beach. There’s plenty of shade thanks to steep cliffs and tall trees, so take a break if your buns start to burn.
  • Steam Vents: Looking for a natural steam room? This may be the choice for you, featuring steam baths in caves. Though it’s considered private property, the owners are kind enough to allow guests to use the space. And yes, clothing is optional. Bonus: A clothing optional guesthouse called the Steamvent Guesthouse.
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