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Top 10 places to visit around the world in the new year

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Top 10 places to visit around the world in the new year

We always tend to have lofty goals at the beginning of the year that we never see to fruition. All the more reason to do it big in 2020!

We always tend to have lofty goals at the beginning of the year that we never see to fruition. It happens to the best of us, trust and believe. But this next year isn’t any old year, it’s 2020! The start of a new decade, which means there’s all the more reason to do things bigger and better. And what better way to start the new year (and decade) off by taking a big trip?

That leaves the question of where to go? But don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

1.) Haulover Beach, Florida

First thing’s first, let’s escape the bitter cold weather. And what better way to do that then to let it all hang out? That’s right, option one is a nude beach. And this is the only nude beach throughout the entire state of Florida. Located at the northern end of the naturist area, in close proximity to Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. Referred to as “America’s Best Nude Beach,” as many as 7,000 people visit in one day, making this beach one of the best choices for a naked getaway. There’s plenty of hotels in the area to choose from, as well as picnic facilities and sand dunes.

2.) Maui, Hawaii

Photo: Courtesy of Farid Askerov

Perhaps you’re looking for someplace a little more tropical… not to worry! We’ve got you covered. Maui is absolutely beautiful year round no matter where you go, but you have to seek out the Little Beach at Makena. Adjacent to its bigger sister beach, you won’t be able to access this one by car so you’ll have to park down the road and walk the rest of the way (though make sure your valuables aren’t in the car, thieves love to break in according to many travel sources). On the flip side, because of the secluded location, this is a perfect spot for nude sunbathing. So just plan on traveling lightly.

3.) Sydney, Australia

Maybe you’re not in the mood to let it all hang out, but you still want to escape to someplace warm. That’s ok too, because Sydney has plenty of beach towns to visit (and very gay friendly ones at that) Bondi Beach, Bronte Beach, Tamarama Beach, with Lady Jane Beach and Obelisk Beach (available via water taxi) among them are very popular among beach goers. If you are looking to go in the nude, you have that option as well. Make sure to check out the Sydney Harbor Ice Cream Boats if you need a break from the heat.

4.) Ibiza, Spain

Photo: Courtesy of Samuel C.

Not just the inspiration for the hit song by Mike Posner, Ibiza is famous for its never ending parties and beautiful beaches, such as Cala Conta (known for its sunsets), Port Des Torrent (perfect for couples) and Es Cavallet which is not only the main gay beach, but infamous for its nudity and beautiful men. Need we say more?

5.) San Diego, California

There’s plenty of beach action for those looking to partake, but the great thing about San Diego is how much else it has to offer in attractions, sights and opportunities: take a hike (literally). You gotta check out Little Italy though, which is packed with patio cafés, art galleries and boutiques.

6.) Phuket, Thailand

Photo: Courtesy of Sumit Chinchane

Thailand is a must on every traveler’s bucket list, but Phuket has been cited as the main event. There’s plenty of dance parties, massage parlors (“Happy Ending anyone?”), resorts and beaches to keep you busy during your stay. Come one, come all!

7.) New Orleans, Louisiana

Let’s switch things up a bit. Beaches are great and all, but there’s beautiful sights to see elsewhere! We had recently cited New Orleans as a hot spot for those looking to escape on Thanksgiving, but the truth is you can go anytime of the year and have the time of your life. The food, music, history and the people… need we say anymore?

8.) Paris, France

Photo: Courtesy of Léonard Cotte

The city of lights and love is filled with history, character and romance. There’s plenty of awe-inspiring architecture and jaw-droppingly good food to keep any tourist (and their Instagram feed) entertained for the duration of their stay. See The Louvre, take a boat around the water to see the sights, go to the Moulin Rouge and of course, take a selfie at the Eiffel Tower!

9.) Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the top places to visit, period. This sprawling metropolis has so much to do and see, you’re gonna need to plan another trip to get to all of the things you missed on your first one. Of course there’s the Berlin Wall, which is filled with so much history and plenty of art that’s sure to keep you enthralled as you walk. Then there’s the Tiergarten, which has famous monuments, beer and sausages (you can even sunbathe naked if the weather is right for it). But don’t pass up the chance to soak up the scenery, whether by bike or on foot. It’s truly breathtaking.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the cuisine, which is to die for. Berlin has plenty to offer, whether it’s traditional German dishes or international ones (French, American and even Mexican). There’s truly something for everyone here.

10. Orient Beach, Caribbean

Back to the beaches, this clothing-optional beach is one of the most popular in the Caribbean, as well as one of the most beautiful. There’s plenty of nude sunbathers scattered around to add to the gorgeous views and tropical sands. Bonus: There are plenty of bars to grab a drink and take a break from the sun such as The Kontiki, Bikini and Kakao.

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